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Our Staff

Dollhouse Dance Factory has the best instructors in the state of Georgia and Alabama because of their extensive background in all areas of dance. Dollhouse instructors are well-known and well traveled; with resumes that exceed 15+ years experience. Collectively inside of the dollhouse, there is over 50 years of dance experience and over 10 years of commercial performance experience. Dollhouse Dance Factory has the most patient and knowledgeable staff around!

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Dr. Dianna M. Williams


     Mrs. Dianna Williams has been dancing since the age of four-years-old. Over the years Mrs.Williams has taken a plethora of dance classes including classes with Angie Luke School of Dance. Classes such as Ballet, Ballet Point,Beginner and Advanced Jazz, Modern Dance,Belly Dance, Beginner and Advanced Tap. She was also a member of the Dancing Dolls Drill Team 89-91 ; Captain of the California StateDominguez Hills University Cheerleading Squad from 97-98. Mrs. D has also built up her name as the Instructor/Sponsor/Choreographer of theDancing Dolls Dance Team Jackson & Birmingham, established on August 20th, 2001 at Pied Piper Playhouse (Jackson)  November 7, 2015 (Birmingham),Founder/Choreographer for the Grove Park Dancerettes 2002-2004, Choreographer for the Callaway High School Chargettes 2006-2008,Founder/Choreographer for the Prancing Diamonds 2007, Vice President and Choreographer of the Jackson Association for Majorettes... Read more

Jaylon Givan


Jaylon D. Givan (CEO/Founder of Givan You LLC) is a professional dance artist and youth organization leader from the city of Birmingham, AL. Mr. Givan is a founding graduate of the Alabama State University BFA Dance Program. He has trained at prestigious institutions such as Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Kansas City Ballet to name a few within the rim of concert dance. Givan danced and created significant roles while with TechMoja Theatre and Dance Company, Urban Souls Dance Company, Dissonance Dance Theatre and Montgomery Ballet. Givan has also trained equally in commercial dance styles, with In Full Affect Dance Crew (Led by LeAndre Douglass), but also within the communities of Alabama, the Washington D.C. area (DMV), and Houston, TX. Givan has had the extraordinary opportunity to work with and learn from Jeremy Green, Earl Wright (known as Punch), Adrian Wiltshire, Tia Rivera, Aisha Francis, JaQuel Knight, and Fatima Robinson who have all worked in the commercial industry for nearly 20+ years. Givan’s most recent accomplishment includes being featured in the highly anticipated feature film The Color Purple Musical. Jaylon’s career convincing moment was being chosen as a freshman (with little to no training) to represent his university and the entire southern region at ACDFA Nationals in Washington D.C. held at the John F. Kennedy Center.

Taylor Gibson


Welcome to my world of movement and expression! My name is Taylor Kelly Gibson, and I am beyond excited to be your Administrative Assistant at Dollhouse Dance Factory. I have been immersed in the enchanting world of dance since the tender age of 2. From the moment I took my first plié in ballet class to the exhilarating beats of hip-hop, jazz, and tap, dance has been an integral part of my life, guiding my artistic journey until my high school graduation. As I donned my first pair of ballet shoes, I discovered the elegance and grace that ballet embodies. The discipline and precision of this classical dance form taught me the importance of technique and the beauty of storytelling through movement. The years of ballet training have instilled a solid foundation for my dance journey. As I grew older, I ventured into the world of hip-hop, where I found my groove and embraced this urban dance style's raw energy and infectious rhythm. The freedom of expression and the power of storytelling through hip-hop movements allowed me to connect with my inner emotions and connect with others through dance. In the mesmerizing world of jazz, I learned to blend the fluidity of ballet with the expressive and dynamic movements of contemporary dance. Jazz opened up a world of endless possibilities, where I could explore different styles and emotions while finding my unique voice as a dancer. The joy of creating music with my feet became a constant companion as I tapped my way through the years. The rhythmic complexities of tap dance taught me the importance of musicality and precision while allowing me to have fun and explore the playful side of dance. From the early days of tutus and twirls to the exhilarating beats of hip-hop and the mesmerizing rhythms of tap, my dance journey has been a breathtaking adventure. Each dance style has left an indelible mark on my heart and soul, shaping me into the artist and individual I am today. As I continue my dance journey and embark on this new chapter as your Administrative Assistant at Dollhouse Dance Factory, I am filled with gratitude for the experiences, mentors, and fellow dancers who have supported and inspired me along the way. Now, I am excited to use the powerful language of dance to communicate, connect, and inspire others, just as it has done for me throughout my formative years.

J'Leesa Hough


“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” I am J’Leesa L. Hough and I am the General Manager of Dollhouse Dance Factory. 


Hailing from a small town in North Carolina J’Leesa relocated to Atlanta, GA to pursue her career in radio. After obtaining her B.A. in Communication with a concentration in Mass Communication she thought her plan was going to be behind a radio mic. God laughed at that plan and placed her at the Dollhouse Dance Factory in Stone Mountain since the day it has opened in 2017. Starting off as administrative assistant, J’Leesa climbed the ladder to becoming the General Manager. With 6 years of management experience and 9 years of customer service experience she took her love for the arts and combined them with her professional skills.



J’Leesa began her love for dance at the age of 5. Throughout her years she danced in the style of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, African, she also participated in the auxiliary in her marching band as well as step shows with her sorority. While specializing in communication, her objective is always to provide leadership while

staying three steps ahead. Being extremely detail-oriented and committed to creating a high-quality finished product.

When it comes to productions, she has a strong sense of visual aesthetics with my education background in radio,

television, and live productions.


“With another year under my belt, I’m so ecstatic to see the new faces and new talents our Dollhouse students have to offer!”

Cordell Hardgrove


Cordell is Atlanta's best-kept secret, from troubled teen to artist turned community leader and many other titles. With over 15 years of training and experience, Cordell is no stranger to the performing arts, esteemed for his thought-provoking and charismatic work. He has trained under and been mentored by various industry professionals and spent several years dancing professionally for contemporary dance companies while teaching youth. Trained in the styles of Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Liturgical, and Musical Theatre, He has attracted opportunities to work with big names like Disney/Marvel, MTV, and a growing list. However, sought after for commercial work, he is primarily rooted in the community specifically youth— a spiritually driven creative with a keen sense for influencing multiple generations to take an interest in art and tap into their magic. Dancers and people of all kinds flock to be trained, inspired, and mentored by Cordell to improve their technical skills and broaden their artistic horizons. Not only are dancers working to build their knowledge of dance but also their knowledge of self. Many will testify that his popular Choreocody sessions are challenging, mystical, and profoundly transformative. Distinctly cultivated with a balance of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, his repertoire is innovative and a style all his own, giving it the name "Choreocody." Most noted for choreographing spellbinding works that will leave you either mesmerized or emotionally penetrated. Cordell has performed and created works both locally and commercially. In addition to his growing artistic career, he dedicates himself to community development and philanthropy as the Founder and Director of the Cordelion Performing Arts Academy and the Neverland Arts Collective. He is also one of the lead faculty at the Dollhouse Dance Factory in Stone Mountain, GA. Through this all he strives to use his artistry to inspire youth excellence and create a legacy in entertainment, arts, and community.

Blake Lewis


Blake Lewis is a Hip Hop Dancer/ Choreographer from Birmingham, Alabama. Evan began dancing at the age of 15 as a street dancer, and shortly became a part of a local hip hop team called Jump off Dance Crew. Evan started his own dance crew in 2010 where they participated in numerous street battles. From there Evan joined Illumny Dance Crew and began performing and competing Hip Hop choreography. In 2014, Evan started creating his own choreography and was found by R&B artist Demarious Cole out of Huntsville, Al. As a background dancer for Demarious, Evan has done opening performances for Ludacris, Bobbie Valentino, Kid Ink,and many more. As was the choreographer for Juice Wrld. Furthermore, Evan took part of Chris Browns “X Tour” and performed numerous opening acts for Somo’s “Less Stress More Love” tour and “The Answers Tour”. Evan also takes pride in his first place Choreography and performance for the 2017 Bronnor Brothers hair show in Atlanta, Ga. Currently, Evan continues to train as a background dancer for Demarious Cole and is a dance teacher and choreographer.

Khayla Watson


Khayla's versatility in training makes her prepared and ready to excite the crowd with her talent and powerful presence. This Detroit native has been a force since she relocated to Atlanta in 2013, hitting the stage and hyping up the fans of artists such as Usher, Rotimi, Ludacris, and Nelly. Khayla’s powerful stage presence is evidence of her rigorous and versatile dance and acting training that began at the tender age of eight and has since afforded her opportunities to train and be mentored by respected industry leaders such as Diddi Emah and Kiki Ely. Becoming a seasoned concert performer in one of Atlanta’s established Contemporary Ballet companies was only one of the many stops on her dance journey. The next stop transitioned her professional career to the commercial performance industry where she performed on multiple theater and concert stages, with artist and ensembles and showcased her talent on the sets of popular movies and television shows like "P-Valley'', "Step Up Highwater'', and Oprah’s OWN Network show, "Greenleaf''. Currently, Khayla is sharing her knowledge and inspiring young dancers of all ages and skillsets, focusing on helping them develop technique, creativity, and a style of their own. Establishing a free feeling environment for young artists to develop their dance vocabulary and the work ethic required to be a professional dancer inspires Khayla to continue creating, learning, performing, and paving a way for her students.khayla is committed to growing her brand and allowing her star to shine in every direction along this artistic journey.

Oneal Sagesse


Oneal Sagesse began his dance training at En Pointe School of Dance in Lilburn, GA. He has been trained in jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and majorette. Throughout his career, he was once a Dollhouse Dance Factory student and a former member of D. Williams Dance Company. In addition, he interned at Dance 411 Studios, coached for Diamond All Star Beauties, and was a former member of Sophisticated Jewels.

Oliver (VALI) Howard.jpg
Oliver Howard


Oliver (VALI) has used dance as a form of self expression and an outlet from his childhood. In 2005 Oliver and his mother were two of the many migrants who fled New Orleans when hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast. This life-changing event scattered family and friends all across the country and left Vali, his mother and older brother in Dallas where his new life would begin. Starting over in the Southern part of Dallas with no family would prove to become a very difficult challenge for the single-parent family as his Mother struggled to obtain a job and the school year began. The young family was able to find a church home to support them throughout this challenging chapter in their life. And upon this newly found family, Vali was able to begin mime dancing in the youth program at church. Over the years, Vali would participate in several of the events held at church which included singing, dancing and acting. Junior year in High School classmates had invited Vali to attend the Dance Team Auditions and upon auditioning was accepted on the Eaglettes Drill Team. Upon Graduation from high school, Vali would go on to attend Tyler Junior College as an Art major pursuing a Dance Associate’s Degree. And Later transferred to Southern Methodist University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in Dance Performance. Post Undergrad, Vali has been working part-time in sales and spending time traveling to see family and exploring new styles of dance in Atlanta, Georgia. With his background training in Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Martha Graham-Modern, Jazz, Jazz funk, Vogue, majorette and more the ever changing world of Dance has always inspired Vali to step out of boundaries and create movement for anyone who has seen and gone through struggle or loss. Vali is committed to creating new experiences that are unique and exciting for students and spectators.

Gwana Green


Gwana Green better known to the world of dance known as GG . G.G’s illustrious dance career began at the age of 3. She attended Benjamin School Of Dance at the age of 3, where she blossomed into the world of dance as she quickly became known to all in the city of New Orleans by winning various city wide and school talent shows, by bringing home 19 1st place trophies and cash prizes, making her the best dance performer  in the city of New Orleans has ever encountered. G.G then was a student dancer at ballet hysel, nocca, and benjamin school of dance .G.G then went to Atlanta, GA where she auditioned and made it into the prestigious school of arts with world renowned jasmin guy as her instructor. after leaving Atlanta her junior year of high school, G.G returned to New Orleans where she graduated from J.F  Kennedy  Senior High school and a graduate of benjamin school of dance and received her certification and license  in  dance. G.G then auditioned for the world famous Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls and became a SU doll. G.G began her dance career as an professional on campus and starting her own dance team where she and her group performed and opened for various artists such as Destiny’s child, Usher, jodici, montel jordan & then contracted with no limit records. G.G moved back to New Orleans where she followed her dream as she opened her own dance company & named it GG’s Institute of dance . G.G also serves at Greater St. Stephen FGBC in the Dance ministry as a liturgical Dancer . GG is also the choreographer and Dance coordinator for the Divine Ladies of purple and Gold At LSU in Baton  Rouge . GG currently and choreographing young children 3 years to adults and coaching and choreographing various schools and teams in ballet jazz modern tap African and liturgical.

Tamond Hill


Growing up on the south side of Chicago; dance was always a passion of Tamond’s! From seeing Chicagos very own Bud Billiken Parade, teams dancing on the corners of the streets to raise money, WalaCam battles, etc; Chicago has always been a home for dance for Tamond. Tamond started his dancing career in the fall of 2015 at Governors State University where he was trained in Hip Hop. He served 3 years that team and eventually became the main choreographer. Shortly after that, he grew a love for the Majorette style of dance and was in awe after watching teams like the Dancing Dolls from the hit show “Bring It” and also Southern University’s Dancing Dolls. Their style gave him the push to start learning that what they do and how they move their body’s so effortlessly. From 2017 until now, Tamond has been teaching and training young girls and guys in the styles of Majorette/ Jazz Funk and Hip Hop. He loves to teach, he loves to motivate & he loves to see his vision brought to life by whom he teaches!

Jenear Kidd


Jenear Kidd is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Redan High School where she was the captain of the Pure Platinum Diva’s from 2001-2002. During her senior year, she had the opportunity to audition and become the only high school dancer in the Atlanta A&T Marching Band in the 20th Century Fox movie Drumline. She later attended Jackson State University in 2002 and became part of the Sonic Boom of the South as a Prancing J-Sette from 2002-2006. During her tenure she left a legacy by creating choreography that is still being performed today. Returning to Atlanta in 2012, she has continued her passion of dance by working with several high schools and dance camps in the Atlanta area providing choreography and mentoring youth.  In 2017 Jenear was selected as Head Coach of the Atlanta Dancing Dolls. In just five short years, the Atlanta Dancing Dolls have become one of the most elite majorette teams in the country.  She is the mother of (2) and a wife to Cedric Kidd.

Kayla Gorden


Kayla Gorden is an Alumna from Thee Jackson State University. While obtaining a B.S. in Civil Engineering, she marched four years with the Sonic Boom of the South as a member of the Prancing J-Settes; where she served as a two-year captain. Her credits include dancing with Ciara in a commercial promoting HBCU’s, 2023 BET Awards dancer with rapper Finesse 2 Tymes, visual dancer for SZA’s music video “T-Shirt”, a live concert performance as K. Michelle’s back up dancer, dance instructor for the Real Housewives of Atlanta, starring in a music video featuring Big K.R.I.T., a live on stage performance with Trap Beckham, and more! Her charismatic attitude landed her a MAC cosmetics commercial that plays all over the world, showcasing her dance skills & love for makeup. She has been recognized on social media by Missy Elliot and interviewed with CNN on her dance journey. She teaches majorette all over the world to different dance squads and teams. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA working in her career field as an Environmental Engineer and Professional Dancer.

Dennis Gill


Dennis Gill, a native of Indiana, has carved his path through the world of dance with his electrifying moves and undeniable talent. He began dancing at the age of 15, with his High-school dance team. During his time on the hip-hop team, he lead as Captain for two seasons eventually graduating and returning to the team as Assistant Coach. He also coached an All-Star team for various championships such as Cheer Derby 2021, America Best 2020, and more. In 2017, Dennis began working, as a professional dancer, with the Indianapolis Fever. There he completed one season before moving on to dance for The Indianapolis Pacers for 3 seasons where he gained HipHop foundational knowledge. In addition to participating with his school’s dance team & NBA Pro Teams, he trained intensively under Too Much Dance Co., fueling his love for competitive dance. This is the story of his remarkable journey, filled with triumphs, championships, and an unyielding passion for dance.

Danesha Troy


Coach Troy has been a prominent figure of the Dollhouse Family since 2018, She has an intensive background in Competitive Cheer and tumbling. 2017 she trained the youth of La Grange, Ga at Tumble Town 2, in floor work, balance beam, bars, & vault. Making her our top and most requested Pom and Tumbling coach. 


Troy has a passion to see the youth she trains be successful in every area of their lives. In doing so she found this passion in her young age. Her passion plus natural physicality in athleticism, prompted her to enroll into tumbling classes in 2008 at United Cheerleading of LaGrange Gymnasium. All while attending Callaway High School, 2009 she made the Varsity Competitive Cheerleading team as a freshman & strived to become captain by her Junior yr. Upon her graduating High School only 5 cheerleaders were offered scholarships. 


With Troy being the first African American student/athlete to ever receive an Academic and Cheerleading Scholarship on a collegiate level. Where she attended Brenau University and Majored in Biology. Staying at the top of her game Troy became a member of the First Historical Divine African American Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Which ultimately brought her back full circle to her passion, training the youth, teaching them life skills, and creating a healthy sisterhood all in love.

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